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Pazino Property Business Network is a Real Estate network marketing organization that is out to transform lives through our amazing products, cutting edge technology and advance professional training towards building world class business consultants.

Pazino Property Business Network (PPBN) is an initiative of Pazino ECC as part of our mission to create strategic opportunities for people to experience business and financial freedom


We desire our business consultant to be the best in Africa, successful and globally competitive in the Real Estate and Network Marketing Industry.

  1. Our Vision

    Build the most successful and professionally trained real estate consultants in Nigeria.

  2. Our Mission

    To give every enterprising individual the opportunity to create wealth and live the life of their dreams through Real Estate.

    Our strategy is to help convert your Network into Net-worth.

  3. Advance Professional Training

    All members are put through life transforming business success training for better productivity. Ranging from Product Knowledge, Business Suite User Classes, Sales and Marketing, Network Marketing, Leaders and Financial Literacy Classes.

  4. Digitization

    The world is a global village today and the use of cutting edge technology to drive your business beyond your boundaries can never be over emphasized. With PazinoBN technology driven platform, anyone from any part of the world can be a part of our business opportunity and function effectively.

  5. Multi level Income Opportunity

    On this platform, members enjoy 22% direct commission when he or her client purchases any of our garden schemes.

    Also 10% is allocated for indirect commission, where you can earn from the sales of those in your team on network. You earn 5% on your 1st level across all segment. 3% on your 2nd level and 2% on your 3rd level if active. If not active, earn 1% up to your 3rd generation for your 1st 3 months. (Active means selling at least 1 plot outright or installment in a month).


The Real Estate and Network Marketing industries have made more individuals millionaires than any other industry in the history of business. Every successful individual out there made or grew their wealth through real estate and the wise young man or wage earners invest in Real Estate.

Have you ever seen any wealthy or successful man or woman without a piece of real estate and network of like minds?

Do you know that the basic need of man are Shelter, food and clothing, and are all connected to real estate?

Do you know that real estate and network marketing is the only industry that brings the rich, poor, educated, illiterate and everyone to one roundtable?

Do you know that Real Estate and MLM is the only industry that you can make millions in one deal with you investing very little?

Do you know that with our system you can earn from your direct effort and that of those you introduce into this business?

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Mr. Patrick Agbaza
MD/CEO currently leads in the vision of helping MORE Nigerians access lands in areas with compelling economic advantages for housing development and investment. And he says, ‘’trust me not to fail because I stamp my name, Patrick Agbaza, to what I do and believe in.’’
Mr Adesoji Ogunbanwo
Director, IT and Corporate Affairs
Soji is versatile and widely read and brings his wealth of experience to bear in real estate development, acquisition and management.