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How data can aid real estate investors, by Burrell


Real estate industry expert, Jesse Burrell has given insight on how data could be used to help real estate investors, thereby aiding finical freedom.

According to him, anyone who has ever been involved in the real estate industry knows that it is a tricky business.

He said real estate is a difficult business to work in due to the fluctuating prices of housing, the volatility of the stock market, and the problems pertaining to location.

Jesse Burrell, better known as the REI Data King, has figured out a way to master the real estate market. Like with many other new businesses.

Burrell thought of the brilliant idea to use data to help understand the real estate market. Because of this, he earned his aforementioned nickname.

The expert said: “I am a 10+ year experienced entrepreneur, an active investor in multiple startup companies, owner of a multi-million-dollar data company, and $40+ million in pipeline development projects. I have established a huge credibility within the REI community.”

Burrell is the creator of a special type of software that allows people to understand the trends of the real estate market. The software assists real estate investors in making better decisions on properties. As previously mentioned, it can be a difficult job to get involved in, so Jesse is trying to make it easier for people to reach their own path to financial success in real estate by creating software to ease their paths.

“I focus on working throughout the real estate community by creating software solutions for real estate investors to better understand the industry.” Jesse says.

Though Jesse has now become a known person in the industry, his life as an entrepreneur did not start off so easily. In fact, he began his journey with absolutely no money in his pockets. He struggled throughout his twenties to make ends meet for himself and his businesses. He failed numerous times before making it to where he is today as the REI Data King.

“I tried getting numerous startups going in my twenties. I failed numerous times, and I started with absolutely no money in my pocket. The way I got through it all was by readjusting my mindset and creating an entrepreneurial mindset.” Remembers Jesse.

Because Jesse knows what it is like to struggle to have financial freedom, he now strives to help others achieve their own. That is part of the reason he has created his software and helps others via his data knowledge. He knows that his skills can be incredibly valuable to others who wish to achieve their own success.

“My mission in life is to create and implement financial literacy to those who come across my path.” Says Jesse.

Though he had a difficult time when starting out, Jesse is now a multi millionaire and became one by the age of thirty. This is an incredible feat by anyone’s imagination, particularly in the real estate industry where boom and bust cycles can destroy a career very quickly. At first just a young entrepreneur starting off with nothing, Jesse is now considered a leader amongst his peers for how to successfully harness data tools to flip houses effectively.

“I was a multimillionaire by the age of 30. I now have numerous investments and have flipped over 1000 houses. I made a name for myself in Real Estate, the REI Data King, by creating software solutions for real estate investors. I consider myself both a leader and trainer in helping people find their own paths to financial freedom as I did.” Exclaims Jesse.

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