Mitigating risks in real estate industry, by expert


Real Estate expert, Mark Z is one of the highest producing real estate teams in the world.

Founder, Mark Z Real Estate Experts, Mark Z says with over $1 billion dollars in sales, Mark Z Real Estate Experts is an international name, as well as Z Capital, a real estate private equity office focused on investing in real estate assets that lend themselves to wealth preservation and multi-generational wealth.

According to the expert, Mark Z, isn’t just knowledgeable about how to manage real estate but also how to manage the stresses that often hold us back. “Fear is a liar and it will kill your dreams if you’re not careful. But if you trick fear, and make the tough decisions anyway, you will win. Fear will paralyze you from greatness.”

Mark Z overcame fear years ago when he survived the same genetic condition that took the life of his own brother.

One night he was at a restaurant with a few colleagues when he passed out and fell to the floor. They shook him awake and took him to the hospital immediately—and not a moment too soon. Inaction would have caused Mark Z his life. He was diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome, an irregular heartbeat that causes sudden death. It’s an unusual genetic disorder of the heart’s electrical system that strikes suddenly in mid-age. After that incident, Mark Z received an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator to prevent another heart attack. “I’m grateful to my friends for saving my life, and I treasure my time with family and friends, even more, every day.”

After that fateful day, Mark Z strove toward his idea of success. “Success to me is living the life I truly want…not just settling for a life that came my way. Success is the peace of mind resulting from knowing I gave my greatest effort at becoming the best I could be.”

Today Mark Z is the best that he could be; and he keeps getting better.

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