I have read Terms, Conditions & the Code of Ethics.


⦁ Attendance of weekly meeting is compulsory for all business representative and partners. The company reserves the right to drop an ambassador or partner to the level of a regular consultant or an associate consultant, if such person is found to be involved in activities that is in deviant with of ideal.

⦁ All monetary commission are instant, as long as the customer has filled, signed and returned the application forms.

⦁ The company shall not be liable for any cash transaction between any team member and customer as all payments are made directly to our designated banks or through cheques, drafts or other electronic means.

⦁ The company reserves the right to terminate your membership in case of an unscrupulous or suspicious activities that negate the value we uphold.

The management of Pazino ECC Ltd reserves the right to review the information on this website from time to time as occasion demands.